For groups of 10 children or more, we offer tours led by our friendly tour guides. There are three types: we offer a TRADITIONAL FARM PARTY TOUR (with choice of tractor trailer ride or pony sit-on; An ENCOUNTER PARTY (incl. Creepy Critters visit + Play Barn); and a COMBI FARM + PLAY BARN PARTY.

For smaller groups of 6-10 children, please book a DIY party where you self-tour. Scroll down for further information about the DIY party.

While there’s no age limit for our parties, we find they appeal most to children aged 2 to 9.

TRADITIONAL FARM PARTY TOUR (2 hour duration, Farm Only)

For 10 or more children (max 25). Cost £16.95 per child (including hot or cold food).

Led by our party guides, the tour takes in the farm animals with the opportunity to feed them and get up close. You choose an add-on activity to suit your child and their guests … either a tractor-trailer ride or a sit-on a pony. All the children participate but we’ll make sure your child is head farmer for the day!

ENCOUNTER PARTIES: (3 hour duration, Farm + Creepy Critters + Play Barn)

For 10 or more children (max 20). Cost £20.95 per child (including hot or cold food). THIS PARTY IS AVAILABLE AT 9.30am start only.

For children aged 6 and over who may have a specific interest in more exotic creatures, we offer a longer combined party that includes a highlight of the farm animals AND special time with our Creepy Critters or Birds of Prey team. Following your party meal (in the FARM’s party barn) there’s also an hour’s entry to the BIG PLAY BARN to run off any remaining steam.

COMBI FARM + PLAY BARN PARTY: (3 hour duration, Farm + Play Barn)

For 10 or more children (max 25). Cost £20.95 per child (including hot or cold food).

This is the Traditional Party Tour (with a choice of Pony sit-on or tractor-trailer ride) with the bonus of a discounted play barn entry after your party tea in the farm’s party barns. You can stay in the play barn until closing at 6.30pm (please note, in the play barn you will not have a dedicated party area but at the time you enter the play barn is rarely very busy, so seats will be available).

Child Pricing: Priced as above, per child depending on party types.

Adults and teenage guests: Two adults are free of charge (the parents or carers); after that, it’s just £5 each for those that join the farm tour (not including food). Teenagers are counted as adults. Non-participating adults may use the cafe or picnic benches or leave the premises, meeting you, should you wish for the party meal at no charge. We only charge should you wish adults to participate in the tour.

Babies: under 12 months who are not participating in the activities and not eating are free of charge. If you wish a child of nearly 12 months to participate and eat then please count them as a child, not a baby.

DIY PARTY: (2 hour + duration, Farm) Currently not available as online booking. Please contact us on Facebook messenger or via email to express an interest.

For 6-9 children. Cost £16.95 per child (including hot or cold food).

With this party you self-tour but we reserve an under-cover party pod for you to use during your visit. The price is the same as a Traditional Farm Party and includes a party meal. There is no additional charge for the party space. You will need to pay adult farm entry, though. Your party pod is reserved for the 2 hours of your booking but with this party you can revisit the farm afterwards and take part in any activities you missed. You’ll still get a pony sit-on and a tractor trailer ride should you have time to spare. Note: the last DIY party of the day is priced higher but includes a BIG PLAY BARN extension.

Party Invites can be printed or downloaded from the bottom of this web page.