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Opening Times: Please see our booking calendar for specific ticket times but generally …

Midweek School Term (early spring hours): 9.30am-4.30pm

Weekend and School Holidays 9.30am-5pm

Please note: the play barn has longer hours 9am-6.30pm so you can start or finish there with COMBI tickets.

Tractor Rides: Tractor Trailer Rides included in child entry through the day at the weekend until about 4 pm. Midweek (school days), there will be several midweek tractor rides every day; late morning and mid-afteroon (usually approx. 11.45am and 1.45pm)

The Big Play Barn: our separate attraction has it’s own website and entry fee. Click here to see their website and booking calendar.

If you wish to visit the farm AND the play barn there are limited COMBI tickets available on the farm’s booking calendar; they are clearly labelled on the calendar and are priced differently, giving a discount against booking both venues separately. Sometimes, you’ll find cheaper COMBI tickets at the end and start of the day and it’s cheaper to do a COMBI during the school week. Most combi tickets start with your farm visit, but look out for our PLAY FIRST combi where you start in the play barn … these are a little cheaper. COMBI tickets do sell out first, especially in winter months.

Birthday Parties: see the party page for more information.

Midweek Little Friends Club: we have a combined membership with the play barn for school time. It includes free play barn entry and reduced farm entry … click here for more information.


Children: £11.45 per child. This includes all farm activities … the sit-on the pony, chicken chat, egg collect and a bucket of animal feed.

Adults: £10.45 per adult.

Babies: Free below 12 months, unless you wish them to participate in farm activities. If you do, then please book them as a paying child.

Carers: Sorry, we have ended our carer discount scheme. If you are a care organisation please see below for info.

COMBI tickets which include the play barn are currently only available at certain times on the calendar. It is a cheaper way of visiting both attractions compared to the separate ticket price. The standard COMBI price is £16.45 for children and £12.45 for adults; however there are some online discounts at certain times and it’s cheaper on a school day.

COMBI tickets are limited so if these have sold out then please book the play barn entry separately usually allowing about 1.5- 2 hours between your bookings as this is the approximate time spent at each attraction. Visit the play barn website for their separate tickets.

A small non-refundable transaction fee is also applied


Please note: we no longer offer free entrance or discount to family carers. This applies from the end of May 2022.

If you are a representative of a care organisation and, as part of your work, are accompanying a client on their visit to us, then we offer free care/social worker entry with your staff badge, should your organisation have pre-registered with us. Please do not arrive aiming to sort this out on the door as our front desk staff are not authorised to admit free entry unless a) your organisation is pre-registered with us, b) you have a badge/pass. To pre-register, please use our contact form with details of your organisation and a contact name for the organisation should we need to contact them. We will reply to confirm that you are on registered on our list; this is a once only process.

Cancellation Policy:

We are generous with our rescheduling and cancelling policy although it remains at management’s discretion. Please help us by giving at least 2 hours notice by email only. We are an all-weather attraction and cannot refund or reschedule due to wet weather but are happy to help out if you are prevented from using your tickets due to illness or accident. Please see the time guidance below for cancellations being accepted.

We DO NOT refund if you do not turn up and THEN contact us later as we have lost all opportunity to sell that ticket to someone else.

We DO NOT accept telephone requests for cancellations. Please don’t leave an answer-machine message; you need to email or message us.

Less than 2 hours before booking or no-show: we do not accept cancellations or part-cancellations (e.g some of your booking not attending) as we cannot sell your space in that time. We are unable to refund your money in this situation, nor offer you another visit … so if you wish to request a discretionary cancellation and refund you MUST give more than 2 hours notice.

We charge £2 to cancel due to a transaction charge that is lost to the payment handler. It is free to reschedule once but subsequent reschedules may be subject to a £2 admin charge.


We charge normal child entry from 12 months. Under 1s come in free but if your child is near 12 months and may appear to be older to our staff, then please bring photo proof of age on your phone … a photo of DOB on a birth certificate, passport or red medical book is ideal. Some parents STILL opt to pay for their under 12 months child as they wish them to have the bucket of animal feed, pony-sit-on, hunt-for-an-egg, etc. If you wish to do this then please add them as a child to the booking rather than booking them as a baby.